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3D LED, Office Signs & Lettering

3D LED Signs

Face illuminated 3D lettering is an eye-catching way of adding visual impact to your signage and business premises. This style of illuminated lettering is precision cut using acrylic that is then housed in durable sheet metal that can be mounted to any flat inside or outside wall space. Each letter is illuminated through its opaque acrylic using LED light modules that give a high bright shine but are low wattage to ensure low bills and great green credentials. You can determine the style, size, depth and colour of your 3D lettering to make sure that you get the exact look that you want. 3D Graphics can be mounted on any solid interior or exterior wall. Pin mounting allows for spacing between the wall and the letter to add even more depth to the graphics.


Type of 3D LED:

  • LED Channel Letter
  • Bulb Replica
  • Metal Channel Letter
  • Metal Back-lit Channel Letter
  • Resin Letter
  • Acrylic Luminous Letter
  • Neon Letter

3D Letter Lighting Options:

  • Front Light
  • Front & Back Light
  • Side Light
  • Front & Half Side Light
  • Half Side Light (Back)
  • Half Side Light (Front)
  • Back Light

3D Office Signs & Lettering

Promote your business with custom 3D letter signs for business. Your 3 Dimensional signs can be produced with strong metals, plastic, acrylic, vinyl, aluminium, silver, brass, bronze or wood products.

Dimensional signs are perfect for businesses such as real estate offices, store-fronts, restaurant lobbies, factory, law firms, retail spaces and any other professional setting. Flexe Group will design, manufacture and install your sign to your exact specifications and requirements.


The Benefits:

Colourful and professional looking 3D letter signs are great for both indoor or outdoor usage. They continue to look great for up to ten to 15 years if they’re washed down every few months and quickly polished at least twice a year.


The following are the main benefits of 3D signs:

  • simple to maintain
  • extremely eye-catching
  • highly attractive
  • professional looking
  • strong and durable
  • easy to install
  • long lasting
  • are manufactured quickly
  • convey professionalism and success


Retail Shop Signage, Shopping Centre Signs, Reception Signs, Corporate Signage, Restaurant Cafe Signage…

  • Illuminated 3D signs
  • 3D acrylic letters & logo
  • Fabricated acrylic signs
  • LED light box signs
  • Illuminated panel signs
  • Laser cut signs
  • Slim light box