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Types of 3D LED Signs

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From reception to stand-alone storefronts, store owners love the visibility and colour created by well-made illuminated channel letter signage.

3D letters are one of the most popular choices in storefront signage. 3-Dimensional graphics are made from a variety of materials; Aluminum, Acrylic (plastic) and Foam are the most common and can be finished with an almost unlimited range of colours and metallic options. The most popular finish options include colour match to you company Pantone reference and the classic brushed aluminum finish. We offer a variety of products including front lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, and flat cuts. If there is anything you do not see on our website please do not hesitate to call us and we will see if we it is something we can create for you.

3D Graphics can be mounted on any solid interior or exterior wall. Pin mounting allows for spacing between the wall and the letter to add even more depth to the graphics.

3D LED Channel Letter - Face Lit with Trim Cap
LED Channel Letter

Face lit with trim cap

3D Bulb LED
Bulb LED
3D LED Metal Channel Letter - Face Lit
Metal Channel Letter

Face lit

3D LED Metal Letter - Back Lit
Metal Letter

Back lit

3D LED Resin Letter
Resin Letter

Front lit

3D LED Bevel Edge Acrylic Letter - Front Lit
Acrylic Letter (Bevel Edge)

Front lit